Saturday, March 12, 2011

Customer Service

Today as I was doing homework, I received some mail from Holt Renfrew. It was a letter in regards of a previous purchase. Basically a follow up to see how I was doing, not like those annoying phone calls from your telephone service company.

I appreciate things like this, simply yet thoughtful. At a family dinner the other night we were actually discussing brand loyalty and customer service. My brother and I have done a bit of online shopping in the past, sometimes to buy something not available to Saskatoon or sometimes to save a buck. But now that I know if I can get it in the city I will buy it from there if I am pleased with service or staff, without considering the price.  For example my family has been loyal to Mazda probably for the past twenty years. We are dedicated to them because of the vehicles and the staff is great. The most important part of being part of sales is not only knowledge but the service.

This post didn't have much point but just ranting about something that had crossed my mind earlier.

R. Mack

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