Monday, September 20, 2010


I read a while back on, "Most of my friends have seemingly given up on soccer at least for the time being". This had really had me thinking, when I was in high school I used to frown upon those who quit playing soccer for partying and new interests. In my opinion they were "wasted talent". I myself did not stop playing for those reasons but I feel terrible for giving up. Last year, I quit playing in the CIS mainly for the reasons of having no free time. I was always busy with either school work or soccer and did not have time for friends and family. What I didn't realize then was that playing for the Huskies is a committment and that I should have expected before I had joined.

Now I am in the middle of deciding of what I should do this upcoming year, I miss it every day I wake up. I still have a lot of time to decide but this question's always resting at the back of my mind. It's almost like an itching sensation that you can't ignore.

I have been preparing myself for the indoor season by joining a team of highly skilled players, going to the gym often and trying to get into a running routine. My goals are to regain my skill, confidence and heart back.

R. Mack

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