Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nike Free Runs

Last week I finally recieved my Nike Free Runs! I was very disappointed because it took over a week, waiting on shipping. But personally, I did believe it was worth the wait. While searching for shoes to purchase, I wasn't sure if I wanted the Free Runs, or the Reebok Zigtech shoes. So I took a little trip to Sport Chek and tried both shoes on. The nike's won my heart as soon as they were on my feet. With the unique look, very light weight, extremely comfortable, and the Nike+ benefit you can track all your runs with, they are very ideal for running or training. It's been a week of using them, and I personally want another pair. One for running/ rec sports, and the other for cross training. The price isn't bad at all, being just over one hundred dollars. I would recommend these shoes to anyone who is in search of a new pair of sneakers, for either running or training.


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