Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back into my routine

Highschool just began last Monday, and ever since it did, I have been excited for University. Other than myself, a lot of others seem anxious to get back at school. My goal regarding school is to raise my average by atleast three percent. I have an idea for the area of studies I would like to pursue, but this year will be much more specific. My major must be picked by February I think, so my second year will be quite important and must be taken pretty seriously.

Another exciting note to my life is that I will begin playing soccer again this fall. I am going to play with many guys that I played with in my past, but I am probably the youngest on the team by three years. That doesn't bother me though, I could definitely learn a lot from all of these guys. You can potentially see me in an extra large Brazil jersey (sigh). But this is a great opportunity of getting back into my groove and getting better.

R. Mack

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