Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria | Now Open

Just this past Monday, Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria opened their first location in Saskatoon. The company is originally from Edmonton but now 26 locations exist. Famoso is well known for their pizzas made with '00' flour ($9-$15). They offer everything from appetizers and salads to desserts and cocktails. Their take on the pizzeria is a social dining experience that can be used as a place for a quick bite for lunch or an evening event filled with wine and laughs with friends.

Aashna, Jeremy, Dallas and myself went to their VIP evening to test out a little bit of everything on their menu. The restaurant is very open with a bar in the middle and their pizza oven in the corner. We started off with some cocktails noting the White Sangria, Cucumber Capri and the Italian Greyhound as our favourites. Along with our first beverages we ate the Mediterranean Flatbread with hummus and tzatziki, Polpette Al Forno and the Prosciutto Wrapped Mozzarella Balls. All three were good but I definitely recommend the Polpette Al Forno, and keep that tomato sauce for dipping your pizza crust!

Next on our list was the pizza. Famoso plays with authentic pizzas (red and white pizzas) and their own "New World Pizzas". We decided to go for a mixture and order something from all three and tried the Capricciosa, Primavera and the Korean BBQ Pork. All three were fantastic, the thin crust was awesome with their imported ingredients. The Primavera (white pizza) was our favourite among the three. It had a light and refreshing taste and Jeremy mentioned that this particular pizza was authentic being compared to many pizzas that he had eaten while travelling in Italy.

Lastly we were recommended by almost all of the staff to try their Dolce & Banana dessert and also went with the Tiramisu. "How could something so simple, taste so good?" Is what we all had on our minds when eating the Dolce & Banana. It had great texture from the crushed pecans on the baked banana with the cold vanilla gelato. On the other hand, the tiramisu was light and had that espresso flavour that almost everyone craves. I would recommend this one if you are almost full but need to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours.

So how was our first Saskatoon experience? The staff are really trying to make your dining experience special whether it's recommending their favourite items or whether the managing staff pops by to see what you think, we really appreciated that. The food is fresh, presented well and brought in a timely manner. The restaurant sits in the Lawson Heights parking and this Summer I believe they are offering a patio as well. I have been asked a lot over the past couple days what I thought of it, and I recommend it to everyone. The four of us really liked it and are already sending our family and friends to form their own opinions of it too!