Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Other Guy | Interview

Lets start off with a little introduction, tell us about yourself.
My name Is Trevor Gusikoski. I’m a husband, a dad, i love to paint and make shirts, i rarely sleep much, i’m addicted to caffeine and i like angry music. Pretty much sums me up in a sentence.

What is The Other Guy? What does it stand for or mean?
I’m The Other Guy, It’s a nickname i got a long time ago.
What does it stand for?....don’t follow people, don’t be like everyone else, do your own thing, do what you want to the other guy.

Art comes in many forms, what are some of your favourite styles?
graffiti, when it’s done well, i love it. I’ve never tried to do it, i have no urge to try it, but it’s one of my favourites.
 t-shirts (obviously). you can say a lot with a single t-shirt (they can be offensive, religious, funny, evil....) because it’s right there in peoples faces, people notice them and look at them all day everyday, it’s a form of art that most people don’t think twice about or care about, but it’s everywhere.

They say art is like a sport, where you have to be hours and hours in before becoming good at it. Would you agree with this or did art come more naturally to you?
i agree, i have been drawing/painting since i was a little kid, but to get good at it, you have to put some time in, lots of time, practice and patience.

Is painting something that you have taken up on your own or has someone been there to teach and guide you?
everything i do, draw/paint/illustrator/photoshop is all self taught, i took the time and figured out how things work and what works best for me. I did take art classes throughout high school (and learned a lot about air brushing) but that was mainly because i hated school and they were an easy credit.

Pieces of art can be found for literally nothing or millions of dollars, how is art given a price?
i'm not totally sure, this is just my opinion....i feel like it's all in the 'name' of the artist, which to me, is stupid. Their are some artists out there who put everything they have into every piece they make/design and they are just scraping by, but then some one with a 'popular' name just quickly throws something together with no thought is selling millions....makes no sense to me at all.

Do you have any priceless pieces of art that you would never consider selling?
i have a lot of toys, and a lot that i really like, i have a chrome Terminator Bearbrick that i’ve never seen another one, but, i guess for the right price i’d sell them haha

Hobbies are not only important to people because they’re fun and pass the time, but they often have a deeper meaning. Are there any reasons why you continue to work on pieces other than personal enjoyment?
yeah, i won’t get into deep detail, but, i have a few health/medical conditions that i’ve been in and out of the hospital for for the past 5-10 years. When i’m painting, they don’t seem to matter, i don’t think about them. I know it probably sounds weird or crazy, but painting is one of the very few things that i can do to totally take my mind off of everything.

Favourite artist?
Suedehead, Johnny Crap, Drop, Bryan Espiritu (it would be a dream to ever work with any of them)

Favourite piece of art?
that i own? ‘Yore Demons’ by Bryan Espiritu

Favourite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon in the city?
go swimming, go to the park or go for a walk with my wife and daughter (and Elvis)

Three things you never leave your house without.
simple. keys, wallet, phone. yes i’m one of those people who has his phone all the time, that’s mainly how i’m The Other Guy.

Any Last Words?
shut your mouth, and open your eyes.

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