Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lets Chat: Instagram

Instagram allows me to share photos with my followers and vice versa. The interactiveness of social media has gone beyond my head being a former user of MySpace and Nexopia. This is a simple and fun ways of keeping yourself entertained at school, on the bus or a lunch break. People may be like "I don't care what you do in your day to day life!" Well, this might not be the thing for you but for those of you who enjoy seeing where a person has been traveling, what they have been eating or cool shots in general, Instagram is a must have. I will give you a break down of my current top three accounts to follow.

1. Legends League -Bryan Espiritu
Bryan is a hardworking graphic designer creating clothes for his Toronto clientele and the rest of the world. In my opinion, he is one of the best graphic designer's in the street wear industry. He's edgy, does what he wants and people like me are really loving it. He posts a lot of photos of current clothing and his artistic ability.

2. Nike Football
As you can tell, I love soccer. Not only do I enjoy playing, but I am interested in the product too. I once wanted to pursue a career not only as being an athlete but perhaps a shoe designer or Nike representative. This is a way of staying up to date on their current products, athletes and more.

3. Alex Maeland
From what I have learned off of Instagram, he is a marketing manager of Hypebeast (I'm a creep). He takes a lot of landscape shots, city views and that's why I like to follow him. Just off of this photo below, you get a good sense of what he posts regularly.

And if you are interested, we also have our own Instagram account: @hellosaskatoon
Who do you follow?

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