Friday, April 19, 2013

Just a Taste: State & Main

The exact location for State & Main is 100 - 475 2nd Avenue South. It resides between River Landing and the Galaxy theatre.

The restaurant is quite nice, it is filled with televisions playing sports channels, has free wi-fi, dim lights and well utilizes booths. The staff is also polite and patient with their guests. One thing worth mentioning is that the floor rises in certain areas of the restaurant and you must be careful not to trip, I am just stating this through personal experience. State & Main is open to adults only.

Being similar to Original Joes, State & Main offers a fun two-paged menu and a large drink menu. They offer specials on either appetizers and/or drinks daily.

This post is based on two different evenings. First, the guys and I went on a Wednesday evening for wing night. BBQ, hot, buffalo, teriyaki and salt and pepper chicken wings were all $3.90. It's not a crazy selection, but they definitely hit most of the bases. I went with the buffalo wings, which weren't spicy but had a nice taste.

Just the other night I went again with my girl to get a proper meal. We ordered calamari as an appetizer,  the grilled chicken club and the grilled cheeseburger (thanks for the recommendation Mike). The calamari is really good, being crispy, not being too salty, having battered jalapenos and peppers and having a nice red pepper aioli. Aashna even claimed that it was her favourite calamari in the city.

The grilled cheeseburger was crazy, offering two side dishes as well. The burger was delicious, but make sure that you are prepared to eat. The name says it all, it's a grilled cheese sandwich with a patty in the middle. Then I made a bad decision of ordering two side carb dishes, fries and mashed potatoes.. The fries came with a delicious gravy and a dill dip and the jalapeno cheddar mashed potatoes was some kind of wonderful. Not to mention, that Aashna said her chicken club was far from being a disappointment.

To conclude, I will definitely be back again. They have great meals and appetizers, a good selection of beers and good service.

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  1. try the Saigon Sub, it's delicious.

    1. Had it once at Original Joes which I assume is similar. I liked it a lot, thanks for the recommendation.