Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Other Guy 2

Just on Saturday, Aashna and I went to Unreal City to check out some artistic pieces by The Other Guy (Trevor of Single Second). It's a comic/anime joint that carries Kidrobot pieces, which is what Trevor does his artwork on. There were tons of cool figures, favourites of mine included The Ninja Turtles, Magneto, Wolverine and a glow in the dark mummy. Drinks and food were provided for the company of Unreal City supporters and The Other Guy supporters. I know I didn't let anyone know that this event was happening, but I will next time so everyone can experience his unique work. At the end, I even purchased my own Kidrobot from the Street Fighter collection and received a Ken Masters.

Love the North,

R. Mack


  1. Mucho respecto if anyone buys dat lil' Gorilla Biscuits esé.

  2. The kid-robots are very hot in the kids.The other Guy's kid robot is very famous in the market of all world..If it is get very popular I also done like this robots.

    how to be happy

  3. Can I just have them all?