Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blackberry 9900 Bold: Best of Both Worlds

Blackberry is moving in the right direction with their release of the Bold 9900. This new Bold features the renowned Blackberry keyboard along with a sleek new touchscreen. This pairing has been long overdue in my mind; the Palm Treo 650 I had five years ago had the touchscreen + physical keyboard combo!

I just picked up the 9900 on the weekend and it has been impressive. The touchscreen makes navigating through menus and applications a breeze, while the keyboard makes for light-speed texting, emailing, tweeting, and (my personal favorite) BBMing.

The design is really solid, which is surprising coming from RIM, who has released a couple questionable phones in the past. The 9900 has a really sturdy and robust feel to it. My friend described the shape as “wide but skinny,” which look and feels a little odd at first. No longer present is the signature leather backing the previous Bolds used to rock. Now we get a carbon-fiber looking weave, which gives it a fresh, energetic look. I miss the leather though!

This phone really is the ultimate Blackberry. It does everything a Blackberry is supposed to do, but now it does it with the quickness and precision of a touchscreen. I recommend the Bold 9900 to anyone who puts a premium on communication, the keyboard really is the best on the market. Hit me up on BBM if you’re bored, I’m always down for random BBM conversations: 285B6B54!

Stay classy Saskatoon,

Jason Tran


  1. or you could get an iphone 4S & not care, ron burgendy.

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