Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nike Tiempo Legend IV

Yesterday I received the new Legend IV's in the white/treasure blue/metallic silver colourway. I am very excited to use them for the first time tonight. I've honestly been wearing them constantly around the basement as I juggle a ball around trying to get a bit of stretch. I have been bouncing around shoe from shoe, but I always come back to Nike and kangaroo leather models. I am looking forward to play in them because of their reasonable weight and most importantly the touch.

I was unsure of what size I needed but it worked out that they are true to size. It's great to get a snug fit because the kangaroo leather will stretch nicely while the back of the shoe made of kanga-lite will keep it's shape. The fit is supposed to be a bit narrower than the Legend III.

Similarities and Differences
Like I've said in the past, I had the original Tiempo Legend. There has been a ton of changes that I have noticed. First of all the new er model has a quilted leather pattern similar to the Ronaldinho Dois. It's also the lightest Legend up to date. The stud placement is new too, there are blades on the back of the boot while having a mixture of blades, round and oval studs to improve the traction. There is no longer a folded tongue or a Zoom Air bag (which really surprised me). Other small things you will notice is that some inner studs are lower than the outside ones and the inside swoosh is kanga-lite while the outer swoosh is made of a plastic material. Similar to previous models, there is still the heel protection. I even managed to grab the same colourway as my original pair.

They are about $150 USD and I will guess that they are $200-$250 Canadian. Sure it's more affordable online, but I wouldn't order them online unless you know for sure what size you need. They can probably be found at Xtratime/Soccer Locker and maybe even Sport Chek in Midtown.

I plan on keeping everyone up to date on how these work out.

Love the North,

R. Mack

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