Friday, September 23, 2011

hello saskatoon Limited Edition Tee

It's official!

Our hello saskatoon X Provadenic collab. tee is fresh off the press and waiting to be claimed. There are 20 of these limited edition photo tees, and you can snipe one for $25. Don't miss out!

In case you were hiding in your closet during the photo contest this summer, below is the winning entry (taken by Evan Neufeld), which earned it's place not only on the t-shirt, but also as our blog header...

What defines Saskatoon?  I was stumped on this topic but after leaving home for a while this past year I realized how much I love it here.  To sum it up in a word, Saskatoon is... GREAT!  Along with my love for the city, this photo relates to our beloved town through the Great Western Brewing Company (this is the side of their building) which is a symbol of the hard working, successful businesses we have that are run by people who are driven by a desire for quality products and supporting the local community.  This photo is a winner because it exemplifies my feelings towards our city and it is a creative shout-out to the many entrepreneurs who eat, sleep and breathe Saskatoon to make our city and our province a better place. -Evan Neufeld

Get a hold of us before they're gone!

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