Thursday, August 18, 2011

Photograph tees

This past year my taste for fashion has been everywhere. I felt like as I matured in age that I had to wear basics. Basically I would do an everyday denim, Gap shirts and an everyday shoe. It's funny, I realized I chose to dress like that because of the lifestyle/fashion at the business college within university. Now that I look at it I don't want to be a thing like them. I'm not the type of guy who wears tight button ups with a messenger bag and pair of Aldo shoes. I can dress like that when I am older if I choose to. For now I can step in different directions and decide what I like.

I've recently became more interested in photographic tees (such as our soon released tee with Provadenic). Why? It might be because I am starting to appreciate more what it takes to take a good shot. Secondly I like how clean it can look on shirt. I looked into it a lot after I saw the ones that Wayne Levin did for Canada's Reigning Champ. I have grabbed a couple off photograph style tees this summer to show you guys.

Maiden Noir

Stussy x Neighborhood

Love the North,

R. Mack


  1. That says a lot about you as a person if you were influenced by people you don't want to be like.

  2. Mmmmmm I love that sass!

  3. You're just around it so often that I just fell into that trend. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion, they're only fads. Says a lot about the person who goes out of their way to provide hate, just saying.

  4. My mouth was watering in anticipation of such sass. And now I can taste it. Every single unique flavour. I can feel it digesting and all the sass nutrients seepinging into my soft flesh and making me stronger and, of course, a little sassier.

  5. I'm just saying that you should re-evaluate yourself if you are influenced by people you don't like. Which also brings to thought, why criticize someone else's way of dress?

    That style isn't for you, sure.

    But to have attempted that style based off of acceptance to a college is pretentious and shallow in a means to fit in.

    Think about it: you are literally a product of your environment.

  6. Okay lets make sure we are on the same page here. I don't literally dislike the people, just am not fond of the style.

    I understand what you mean by "That style isn't for you, sure". But you can't say something like "why criticize someone else's way of dress". That just comes naturally unless you are the nicest person that I have ever talked to, which could be true.

    And like I said earlier, I didn't try to dress similar to fit in. It was merely a fad.