Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just a Taste: Cupcake Conspiracy

"Keep your friends close and your cupcakes closer"

I was downtown with a few friends the other day and we decided to give this place a try, as we had never even been inside before. I asked if I could snap a few pictures with my phone, and we picked out half a dozen cupcakes to try...

I really liked the atmosphere, which I think was largely due to the clean, fresh layout of the place. The staff was friendly, and they served a sweet variety of cupcakes in different colors and flavors. I dare you to get over the calories and take a few bites...

King George Building #4 - 157 2nd Ave. N

Drew and Mel getting ready to chomp on some serious flav. ^^



  1. They're only about 300 calories each, too! So glad to hear you enjoyed your visit!

    The Cupcake Conspiracy

  2. Yes, they're the complete package! Thanks for visiting the blog.