Thursday, June 23, 2011

Contest Reminder: hello saskatoon X Provadenic


THIS IS A REMINDER. Don't forget about this deadly contest and even deadlier incentives. The deadline is June 30. Big shoutout to the entries we've received so far, they're sick! Keep 'em coming. Check the details below...

The concept...

Photography in Saskatoon is polluted with countless shots that are each carbon copies of the next. This isn't to say that such photos don't necessarily do Saskatoon justice, but it's time to step up our game and do our city a favor instead!

We want to spice things up, recapture, and redesign the essence and flavor of our city, and we want your help.

YOU will take out your supersonic photo capturing device 3000 (aka. camera), dust it off, do 15 jumping jacks, spin in circles until you aren't sure which way is West, and then set out on an incredible journey towards capturing the most creative, unique, and outstanding photo of the city of Saskatoon


Check out the facebook event and share it with your friends: hello saskatoon X Provadenic contest

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