Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Primitive Recap

retrospective // Recap from The Great White North on Vimeo.

Last Saturday, we held a launch party for Primitive, and — as this particular location is a skate boutique — it was suiting to have such an outing. (A lot of) Friends and family made it out to support and it was a great night. I was on hand to capture the nights’ atmosphere; Jeremy was surely taking photographs; and Ricky Rock had our ears occupied in a different manner than conversation. 
Love to everyone involved: Jenna, coming in to help & for taking it down the next morning.. xo // Geoff, for being a homie // Brennan, for organizing this all // Ryan, helping it happen // Jeremy, “Don’t call me D.. you don’t know me!” // Dallas, you’re the star of the video // Aashna, show your face ma! // Asif & Kent, gotta thank you 2 // Naydene, for smiling // Jamie, dimples times 10 // Jeff, he’ll fire shots // Aristo and Dan, ya’ll were calm(ish) // Lauren, for making it out post-red-cup-party // Jason, I see you // Steve, for STEVE // & Stacy, HEY MON. 

The music is “Anti-Freeze” by Pac Div.

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