Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just a Taste: Tony Roma's

After school today, my dad and I decided to go for lunch but were unsure where to go. After playing around on a the Urbanspoon Blackberry application we finally made a choice, Tony Roma's up at Stonebridge. This was my first time at this location, and it was quite nice. Tony Roma's generally is a more expensive restaurant, but they had a lot of lunch specials on today.

We began with the onion loaf for an appetizer. It is basically fried onions with a bit of batter, served with a barbeque mayonnaise dip. It was good, but very heavy and left me feeling very full.  I had a chicken bacon sandwich and my dad had a prime rib sandwich. They were both good, along with the very few fries I was able to eat. I felt the chicken sandwich could have used more sauce though, so I put my coleslaw inside of the sandwich.

Tony Roma's is a good place to eat; in my opinion a better place for lunch.

R. Mack

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