Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just a Taste: New Ki Sum Cafe

Years and years ago I used to go with my dad's side of the family to the old Ki Sum Bakery located on 20th street. I recently heard that it had been moved to 8th Street by JYSK. When I went there I found out that they've been located there for almost a year. The New Ki Sum Cafe is a small Chinese restaurant with a large menu, it's as if I am eating Chinese food in another city.

You are able to order Asian beverages such as bubble tea, horlick, red bean drinks and Vietnamese iced coffee. This is the only Chinese bakery in the city that I can think of providing curry buns, BBQ pork buns, coconut buns and a few more. It took a while to order because of the large menu, prices are reasonable for the portion sizes. The service was great, food was prepared quickly and staff was very friendly. If you are going with just one person or a small group, visit the the Ki Sum Cafe!
 Sticky rice
 Black pepper short ribs
Hot and sour beef

R. Mack

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