Monday, February 7, 2011

In Rasta We Trust

Last night the staff of Momentum and close friends went to both Bacchus and the Churchill Cellar (beneath Winston's) to go to In Rasta We Trust and celebrate a birthday. As usual Bacchus was good, a great atmosphere every time. For supper I had to go with Tyler's suggestion, chili chicken on a bed of jasmine rice. This was good, the rice had been made with a coconut milk I believe. After birthday shots and dinner we headed off to In Rasta We Trust.
We went to the event as soon as it started so it was very quiet. The lights were dim setting the relaxing mood, but as the night went on more lights were shut off. As soon as Dr. J and other DJ's began playing, everyone started to dance and the little areas began to become congested and cluttered. There was some good reggae music being played and the crowd was good, everyone was into the dancing and having a great time.I spent my time socializing with friends and drinking Red Stripe, as planned. Here are more photo's to help summarize the night.

R. Mack

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