Sunday, August 15, 2010

Michael Buble

Last night Aashna took me to the Michael Buble concert. She had gone the first time he came to Saskatoon, approximately three years ago. She talked him up a lot, telling me that he was a great performer live because of his singing and his sense of humor. Buble also had the same opening act as last time, a New York group called Naturally 7. They did not use instruments, but rather made noises with their mouths to impersonate them. This video will give you a feel of what they are capable of producing.

Michael Buble on the other hand was exceptional. His singing sounded as nice as it did recorded. I did not know too many songs by him considering that a lot were older remakes and I have not heard his most recent album. But his performing was great, it was filled with dancing and laughs. He promised to come back to Saskatoon, so next time he does, make an effort to try and see him.

R. Mack

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