Sunday, August 22, 2010


Last night, Aashna, JJ, Dallas and I went to the last night of the Folkfest. The Folkfest offers a large amount of pavillions for different cultures along with one called Riderville. Riderville is a huge party for the Saskatchewan Roughrider fans. I personally disagree with this addition to the festival because Folkfest should be a chance to try and learn and experience cultures that you are not exposed to regularly.

The four of us went to the Caribbean Pavillion where we ran into a lot of friends and saw some performers. The only thing really cultural about this pavillion was the shows. There was not that large of a Caribbean crowd which had disappointed me a bit. I didn't get around to it, but there was good drinks and food such as one of my favorites, jerk chicken. Next year I am going to definitely go again and make sure to go to a few other pavillions.

R. Mack

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