Thursday, June 26, 2014

JUST EAT | Saskatoon Promotion (25% Off All Orders)

Just Eat is a food delivery service that allows you to order food from the comfort of your own computer. The good folks at Just Eat and Butter Public Relations gave us a credit to test their service. After creating an account I noticed that their are currently 58 Saskatoon restaurants partnered with Just Eat. Each restaurant has a full menu, an estimated wait time, hours of operation and a flat delivery fee. From Vietnamese food to Indian to pizza, there are options for everyone. To celebrate good food and Summer, Just Eat is offering 25% all orders this Summer in Saskatoon!

I tested the service with the restaurant Spring Roll and was happy with how easy the website was to navigate and select dishes. You can add and subtract items just like that. At the purchase screen you have the option to pay cash or credit. Three of us ate this meal and were extremely full. The discount is crazy and definitely worth the money. When ordering your food online I would suggest writing in the text box that you need utensils and a phone number they can reach you at or else you'll be like me running to the closest establishment at work.

Whether you want to eat in your own home, need a bite at work or are just feeling lazy, Just Eat is a great option for everyone.

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