Sunday, December 15, 2013

Just a Taste: Park Cafe

Park Cafe is located on 515 20th Street.

I placed an order for take out but analyzed the restaurant as I went to pick up my food. After watching a lot of Diner, Drive Ins and Dives and having family own restaurants of their own, I understand that you can't judge any restaurant before experiencing service and tasting the food. The building is outdated but that doesn't stop anyone from lining up at their doors and filling their seats. The woman who gave me my food was very friendly.

Before browsing the menu, many have praised their breakfast options and hamburgers. The selection was beyond me from steak and eggs, burgers to salads. There truly is something for everyone.

I went with a cod sandwich with fries and onion rings (shared sides with a friend). The taste was great, the fish had a light batter that you could peel off with a nice homemade tarter sauce. The bun too was soft and proportionate to the cod. It was quite messy, but a messy sandwich is always the best (minus Subway). The fries and onion rings themselves were homemade and delicious, and they give you a large portion.

This place is delicious, I am happy I finally had the opportunity to eat here. The cost per meal to what you receive is fantastic as well, you really get your dollars worth. With the size of menu and things that that caught my eye, I will definitely be back!

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