Saturday, August 17, 2013

Meals Interrupted by Davide Luciano & Claudia Ficca

Just a taste isn't always good conversation, food exploring and point and shoots. Sometimes shit hits the fan and the sitting doesn't end up going as you want... ew.

Art couple Davide Luciano & Claudia Ficca, a fine art photographer and food stylist respectively, teamed up to create uncomfortable settings in elaborate dining table experiences with the "Meals Interrupted" photo series. Feast your eyes on 'honeyed', 'charred', 'soaked', 'tossed', and 'Al Dente' below.

If they were to do an overview of my Meal Interrupted it will be called 'shop till you drop'. The table would be my bed filled with Doritos, empty chip bags and unopened 2 litre Gatorades. Sprinkled throughout the scene my limbs and beer bottle caps. A late night interrupted by a 4AM mission to 7/11.

Davide Luciano - Web/Twitter/Facebook

Claudia Ficca - Web/Twitter/Facebook

the Method to my Madness,

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