Sunday, June 23, 2013

Concert: Metric

Ho boy, The Saskatchewan Jazz Fest is back in full swing this year. Last night I had the privilege of seeing Metric for the third time in my short life time.

Opening up for Metric were Saskatoon's favourite dance beat bands, We Were Lovers, and for sure they set the mood of the night with their mad catchy songs. After We Were Lovers were a two person group, Data Romance, hailing from Vancouver who gathered in the crowd quite nicely with their two manned big sounded songs.

I was afraid that the concert was gonna get rained on, but luckily everything cleared up half way through We Were Lovers' set.

I gotta give it up for Metric because they're the one band that I've been listening to from the get go that has remained consistent in their music and their live shows. That's definitely not a bad thing, because 1. if they were getting too wild with 'trying out new sounds' and what not, they'd probably lose me and 2. their live shows are dazzling and so full of energy courtesy of the lovely lovely Emily Haines. Who I mean, dang. I love her, and you wouldn't know it at first glance but she's pushing 40 years old.

Seeing as Synthetica was their most recent album, much of the show was based around the new songs. But of course they had a handful of throwbacks like Empty from "Live It Out" and Dead Disco from "Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?" closing out their set.

Video Courtesy of Youtube user>blindspirit

They put on a great show and you can tell they definitely feed off the energy from the crowd and vise versa. It was essentially an infinite loop of hype and excitement.

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