Sunday, January 27, 2013

Just a Taste: Saboroso Brazilian Steakhouse

Saboroso is located on 8th Street in the old Kelsey's building beside the drive thru Subway.

The restaurant is very dim and intimate. The furniture and accessories are all dark, the restaurant is really nice and large. The restaurant is heavily staffed and the employees are very knowledgeable, professionally and friendly. We had one person in particular who was quite the comedian and made the experience even more the merrier.

There are really three options of what you can order. You could either order simply order an entree from their menu, eat from their little buffet or try the Rodizio (which includes the buffet). The buffet has  different vegetables, starches and few meat items. The Rodizio I believe is the typical attraction to Saboroso. Employees come table to table to see if you are interested in one of ten items. Yes, the Rodizio is all you can eat for $37.

I went with the Rodizio for the experience. It was delicious, but definitely more meat than I planned on eating. Some of my favourites included the lamb, hickory whiskey BBQ chicken thighs and pineapple with cinnamon and brown sugar. From the buffet, I enjoyed the tilapia, mashed potatoes and pasta salad. My mother and sister ordered from the menu and both of the meals tasted great and were also presented pleasantly.

Rice embedded in Seafood
The food was really good and the staff were impressive as well. This is a restaurant that I can treat myself at rather than than eat there routinely. If you are a carnivore, these place is a must try. You will never leave hungry!

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