Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just a Taste: Amigos

A while back Dallas, JJ and I went to Amigos just off Broadway. Entering Amigos, you feel that bar atmosphere. There are pool tables, televisions, bar stools and a stage. You can check online at to see which bands are playing. There are always different genres of music being played. Online you can also view their menu and list of beverages. Although it seems like a bar during the day or for supper you are welcome to take the whole family for a meal. When I was younger my family had almost gone every week where we would all order chimichangas (highly recommended).

This time we ordered Nacho Grande. There is a full order and a half order, they are described as "Award winning nachos made with our own nacho chips and salsa, plus shredded chicken, ground beef, crab, tomatoes, green onions, olives, shredded cheeses & sour cream. Now those are nachos." They are definitely loaded and could be eaten as a meal. I have never eaten nachos with crab as a topping, but then again I have never eaten nachos like these.

Amigos was voted by Planet S for having the best staff and good service, which I can agree on. Planet S also awarded them on their nachos. If you are looking for a good homestyle mexican meal, good music or a place to get drinks, Amigos is a great choice.

R. Mack