Monday, July 29, 2013

Let's Chat: Osheaga Pt. 1

Guys, I'm pretty excited. I'm currently sitting in my sister's condo in Toronto counting down the days until I head off to Montreal, Quebec for Osheaga.

This'll be my first music festival and depending on how it goes, hopefully not my last.

At first I somewhat tinkered with the idea of going to Osheaga after hearing how exciting last year's festival was. I don't blame the people for saying so because the line up was stacked: Franz Ferdinand, Florence + the Machine, Justice, Snoop Dogg, Common, The Black Keys, Metric, ASAP Rocky, M83, Bloc Party and... Little Dragon (I now hate myself for not going last year).

This year, pretty good. Compared to last year, personally, it's alright. But Chef Boyardee I'm still excited.

Frank Ocean

Kendrick Lamar

Two Door Cinema Club



That's just to name a few personal few that I'm way too excited for. I'm basically nerding out. But there's something for everybody.

Many people I know from sunny Saskatoon are heading out to Osheaga. So if you see this mug, don't be a stranger and say howdy.

The Durr Party

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