Friday, March 22, 2013

Nerdiest Thing I Own: Matt

G'day. Blowing dust off this old series of posts is my podcast mate Matt Roy.

Matt's a big ol' Halo fan. So big that he dedicated two summers of his life to create Master Chief's armor for himself. And the results are bueno.

He'd also like to mention that every Friday/Saturday is a new episode of The Durr Party, which is a podcast that myself, Matt and our two other friends Josh and Doug record on Thursday and release on Friday/Saturday. An hour is quite a bit of time to check something out, luckily we've created little samplers on what can be usually expected every Friday/Saturday.

Let's keep the ball rolling with these posts. What's the Nerdiest Thing You Own? Send it to us at with pictures and a little description.

I love you, like a brother, for the most part.

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