Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Durr Party Podcast

It seems that any time I write on hello saskatoon, it's all shameless promotion. But #fuggit #yolo #swag.

Myself and my two friends Josh and Matt had doddled in the idea of creating a podcast for a while now. Eventually we just said, "Screw it" and went ahead and bought some stuff to do so.

And the end product is three guys (hopefully a fourth once our friend Doug gets it together) sitting around a table, moderately tipsy, discussing nerd things like, video games and movies, odd ball news, Saskatoon-esque related things and our daily lives with a whole bunch of bad jokes in between.

We record every Thursday and set it loose on Friday. Below is the first episode, currently we're up to episode 3 and numero 4 will be recorded this coming Thursday.

If you moderately enjoyed it, you can like us on Facebook. All the links are below.

The Durr Party on Facebook
The Durr Party on Mixcloud

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